Free Solo: Music

Written by Jack Godfrey and Celine Snippe.
Produced by Jack Godfrey.
Performed by Amy Alexander, Simone Leonardi, and Cecily Redman.

Behind His Eyes – Hazel (with John and Jess)
Hazel Robinson remembers everything she knew about her daredevil dad, and realizes there’s still so much she doesn’t know.

Time On My Hands – John (with Hazel)
Despite the injuries he suffered after a serious free solo climbing accident, John is aching to get back to the mountains.

Holding On – Jess
Jess, John’s wife, tries to hold onto the family they built together, but maybe it’s better to let go.

In A Moment – John
John is climbing the North Face of Half Dome. This moment could go on forever, but suddenly, everything is silent.

On A Perfect Day – Jess, Hazel, John
After the death of her father, 14-year-old Hazel starts climbing. As she gets older, she sees clearer and clearer.

It’s kind of funny, but every time I’m climbing and I feel like I can’t make it, I always just imagine that when I make that final move and pull myself up over the edge, I’ll look up and I’ll see him sitting there, with a big piece of chocolate fudge cake. And he won’t say anything, but he’ll give me a smile, like he’s saying “Took you long enough. Now come sit here with me and enjoy the view.”