The Place Between: Music

These #guerillarecordings are produced by Cthulhu piano master Abel Garriga.


Phillip Whateley

Sonia West-Whateley

Thomas West

Eve West

Noah Dunton

Bella Grace Harris

Justin Gates

Celine Snippe

What Is Out There? – Eve

Dr. Eve West relates her passion and questions of the universe to a Professor at Miskatonic University. The song acts as an introduction to Eve’s eventually dangerous obsession.

Middle of Nowhere – Thomas, Phillip

Thomas, Eve’s son, is not happy with the family’s recent move to a secluded country estate, and he picks a fight with his stepdad about it. Phillip, Thomas’ step-brother, doesn’t completely understand why Thomas is so angry. This song acts as the first moment of bonding between the two brothers in the show.

A Thousand Wonders – Sonia, Thomas, Phillip

Eve and Howard’s daughter Sonia is exploring the woods around the new House with her two half-brothers, Thomas and Phillip. They suddenly stumble upon a barn Sonia swears she saw in her dreams. The song acts as an introduction to Sonia’s obsession with the Silver Key, an object she believes could take her to the magical City of a Thousand Wonders.

Colour and Oil – Thomas

Throughout the days in the new House, Thomas becomes obsessed with painting. This song is the culmination of that obsession. It’s the middle of the night, and Thomas is finishing his painting depicting a grotesque scene of mutilated figures and a door ajar. The picture foreshadows the end of the show, in which the family members kill each other out of fear in a chaotic struggle.