The Place Between

A Lovecraftian Musical by Justin Gates & Celine Snippe

The Place Between is a Lovecraftian horror musical with an unconventional soundscape and an angular, cinematic score. Dr. Eve Whateley has just moved her family from San Francisco to her grandparent’s ancestral estate in Dunwich, MA. It’s a place lost in her childhood, somewhere she’d nearly forgotten about until receiving the call to come sort through the mass of antiquities bequeathed to her. She claims that it will be a vacation for all of them, a chance for her to make up for the time she lost while working on her book – a groundbreaking work on the entanglement of past, present, and future – but her family is less than enthused. As they go through the strange New England manse, with the help of an eccentric librarian from Miskatonic University, Eve finds herself pulled further back into the past by the memories she uncovers… and, trapped in their secluded new home, her husband and children feel the tentacles of isolation begin to pull them apart.




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